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Las hijas del fuego

Albertina Carri | ES 2018 | 115 min | OmeU
Mit: Carolina Alamino Barthaburu, Mijal Katzowicz, Rocío Zuviría, Wanda Rzonscinsky, María Eugenia Marcet

In der Span.OF mit Engl. Untertitel

Three women embark on a journey of sexual liberation. Sexpositive, smart and sensual, the film develops against the backdrop of breathtaking Argentine landscapes. On their journey, they allow themselves to be drawn into a polyamorous transformation. The protagonists return to their roots and challenge old, conservative, patriarchal patterns of life and love. They are looking for a way out of monogamy, ownership in relationships, finality and obedience. Thereby, each of the women discovers her own freedom and her own sexual identity. A clever, visually stunning film, Las hijas del fuego really is a fiery cinematic experience.

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